When Christians relating to culture turns wrong, horribly wrong

I often write here about the need for Christians to engage culture, to relate to culture and communicate the Gospel in terms that the culture can understand. If you ever need an example of exactly what I am NOT talking about …

Let me be clear (to quote our President), I have no personal knowledge of these people and this church. They may love Jesus as much or more than I do. I am not questioning their relationship with or their love for Him.

However, I am questioning the wisdom and usefulness of their performance. Obviously, they are not fundamentalists who reject culture out right. They are trying to engage and relate to culture. They are just doing a really bad job at it. That was the Testamint of music – putting a cheesy Christian veneer on a secular object.

Again, it’s what we talked about before. The Christian has to understand his Bible and his culture and the best way to connect the two. An effective follower of Christ must know both. I don’t know how well “The Future Truth” knows Scripture (maybe exceptionally well), but I do know that they have misunderstood culture in a funny, horrible way.

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