Ironic comment of the day

Almost immediately after my first post from my sermon went up, I saw I had a comment. I was encouraged that someone would have responded so quickly, so I checked to see what it was. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) spam bots do not read very well. The comment began this way:

Planning to buy an idol of Lord Ganesha? If yes, then you have landed just at the right place. Lord Ganesha, is the most worshiped God in India. …

Under my post on the need to recognize and rid our life of metaphorical idols, some spam bot thought it was a good place to sell actual idols of the elephant headed Hindu god.

However, I am going to take what was meant as an invitation to place an actual, physical false god in my home and I’m going to turn it into a prayer to bring glory to the only true God.

Ganesha is widely worshiped in southeast Asia. According to the spam, he is the most worshiped god in India. I’m praying that changes. I want to commit myself to prayer that Ganesha idols will fall down as Baal did before the Ark of the Lord. I am praying that those who have these idols in their homes will be able to experience true worship of the true God.

Spam bot, what you meant for evil, God meant for good. It’s time Ganesha relinquishes his title as most worshiped deity in India. Jesus expand your kingdom!

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