Inception: What if the one idea is real?

So what if Inception is right? What if the top keeps spinning? What if this reality is only a dream? How would we know? Would we feel it somehow deep inside? What if Mal is right and the only way out is to die?

What if life is like The Matrix? Somehow we are all trapped in a world that seems real, but its not right and we can feel that. Is there coming a moment when I have a choice between the red pill and the blue pill? Between a fake “reality” that I know or the real, true reality that I can only guess about?

Why do the stories of Dom Cobb and Neo attract us so much? The box office numbers and word-of-mouth hype surrounding the films tell us that we are drawn to their stories. A week after its debut, I was forced to watch Inception from the second row because the theater was so packed. I heard people talking about having seen it multiple times. Why would we so connect with movies that tell us everything around us is somehow not real? What if the reason was – we know they are right.

Films like Inception and The Matrix awaken lingering questions in our mind about our own existence. Is this really it? Is this world, with its wars, its diseases, its pain, its loss, its death, is this all that there is?

For some reason, our psyche, our soul screams, “No! It can’t be like this. There must be something better. There must be something behind the curtain.” What if those doubts are right?

How would we know that behind the veil true life existed? What or Who could tell us that something lies farther and deeper in? Only Someone who has come from that depth can give us that knowledge. Who could that be? I mean it has to be one of us, but someone how different, better, higher. We could only know if this Person was a person like us. Then we could trust them.

But if they were exactly like us, they would be stuck here with us. They would have to somehow be from the “other side,” the true side, while finding a way to come to us and be like us. To share in our humanity, but to share with us knowledge, and a Way, that we could not find ourselves.

For many of us, we have found this One who has broken through the barricade between our world of shadows and the reality we do not yet know. He broke through to show us there is more, so much more. He broke through to show us the way – death. But not jumping off a building or standing in front of a train. Our death, in and of itself, has no real power beyond this life. It does nothing to break us free. We need a death to conquer death. What if the One who came to break through provided His own death and allows us to follow?

Inception allows us to think deeply about why things just don’t seem right? Why are there glitches in The Matrix? Why does the death of a loved one seem so wrong, when all our world knows is death? But then why does death, at the same time, seem somehow to be an open door?

What if there really is a magic door in a wardrobe somewhere? What if there is a pill to escape this life? What if this world really is a dream waiting to crash around me as I wake up? We hold those ideas because we know they reflect some sense of the true reality which we cannot completely grasp: this world for all its joys and pains is not our true home. We were created for some place different. We don’t know where, we just know it’s not here.

Inception is right. One idea can change everything. What if that idea was an Idea, a Person? The Person would could come from the other side and provide for us a way to get there? The Idea is Christ. Jesus is the One who has shown us that this world is at its best a nice dream, but too often its a nightmare. The real joys we have here only make us long for more. The real pains we have here only force us to hope for more.

That’s their purpose. They are our “kick” to jolt us into recognizing the truth, into understanding Truth, as the person of Christ.

Go watch Inception. Spin the top. Know that this world is a dream. Death has always been the way out and it has already been provided for us. You need only to wake up to that fact and live.

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