Jesus tomb "scholar" made up even more history

In 2007, the Discovery Channel and others promoted a documentary which purported to expose the the family tomb of Jesus. The site supposedly included the remains of Jesus and some of his family members.

Two of the driving forces behind the film were James Cameron, of Terminator and Avatar fame, and Dr. Charles Pellegrino. Now the latest book by Pellegrino, whose movie rights have been bought by Cameron, has been pulled by the publisher, Henry Holt.

“Last Train from Hiroshima” was presented as a history of the atomic bomb dropping on the Japanese city. However, doubt has been raised about many of the characters in the story and even Pellegrino himself.

Initially, the author acknowledged that he had been misled by a witness who claimed to be on one of the accompanying planes for the historic flight of the Enola Gay. Now, Henry Holt has acknowledge that they were unable to verify even the existence of two other men in the story.

Besides problems with his writing, Pellegrino now faces questions about his resume. He is often referred to as Dr. Pellegrino, including on the Jesus Family Tomb website. However, the university he claimed to have earned a Ph.D. from in 1982, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, told the AP that they have no proof he earned the degree.

Here’s my question: why did the AP not investigate the historical acumen of Pellegrino during the whole Jesus Tomb debacle? details many of the problems with the AP story (and other media stories) covering Pellegrino and Cameron’s work in reference to Jesus. His doctorate did not suddenly become faked after that fiasco.

Should a news organization not better investigate the background and historical trustworthiness of individuals claiming to have historical proof of the falsehood of the major tenet of the world’s largest religion?

Would the AP have breathlessly reported findings of a self-purported scholar who claimed to find historical proof that Muhammed did not receive the Koran with the same vigor as they seemingly did with Pellegrino’s claims about Jesus’ resurrection?

I think I already have my answer.

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