Avoiding Hezekiah’s mistake

Look back at what I wrote earlier, my biggest fear is being a Hezekiah. Being successful in life and ministry, while seeing my sons drift or walk away from God.

It was all I could think about Monday night at work. I kept circling the thoughts in my head wondering how to be successful like Hezekiah in all other aspects of my life, but to above all else failing at the same thing he did.

I’m sure every Christian parent reading this has the same fears. I thought about that last night, too. How many Christian parents are dreading that possibility? How many are going through that right now? How many feel like they are a Hezekiah?

The better questions would probably be – how can I avoid it? How can I get out of it? How can I reverse it? I wish I had those answers.

Obviously, God has given us guidelines for parenting which will greatly increase the chances of our children following Him. But that does not give us a guarantee. But that does not mean I do not want to do everything I possibly can to help them in His direction.

I really want to further develop the whole idea of “Avoiding Hezekiah’s Mistake.” Anyone have any ideas about that? Been successful at it? Made unfortunate mistakes that others can learn from? Above anything else, this may be my life’s goal – to avoid Hezekiah’s mistake.

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