A new habit … hopefully

I’ve often confessed my lack of prayer time. I just finished reading through C.S. Lewis’ Letters to Malcom Chiefly on Prayer. It seems both Lewis and his friend suffered from the same affliction. Perhaps most Christians struggle with the unstructured and not concrete disciple of prayer.

In an effort to both help my prayer life and expand my view of who God is and who His followers are, I just started today praying through the daily list of requests at the IMB.

I’m so thankful I was encouraged at church to do this as part of living a live of missions. Just today in reading/praying through the list I was encouraged, convicted, touched and challenged.

There are so many needs among our missionaries around the world. I don’t know about other evangelical Christian groups, but Southern Baptist have 1 missionary for around 1.6 million people. The task of reaching the ends of the Earth seem insurmountable. Unfortunately, it is easy to assume that it also has little to do with me in my daily life.

However, the missionaries constantly request prayer because they believe it to be the channel to God’s power and blessing in their work, their family and among the people to whom they are ministering.

If it can be such a huge help to my sorry prayer life and a help to those serving God around the world attempting to reach people with the message of Christ, then why should I not work out a time to pray through the list every day.

Maybe you feel the same convictions I do, that I don’t pray enough and I’m not involved enough with what God is doing to reach the nations. Try praying through the IMB prayer list.

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