I love reading blogs from some guys that I know (some well, others just casually) in the ministry. I love hearing their thoughts on church, culture and life in general.

A lot of what they say inspires me and convicts me, but I could care less what they ate for supper last night or how long they stood in line at Wal-Mart unless they are using it as a hook to their latest insight.

For that reason, Twitter should die!

Yes, I said it. Go ahead and ostracize me as not being hip or current or relevant or whatever. I don’t care. For me, Twitter is, going old school here, TMI (“too much information” for those too young to know that).

It feels freaky and a tad voyeuristic to read about crazy, silly details of your life that weren’t important enough for you to even blog about.

I don’t need to know that you ate at your favorite restaurant last night, that you woke up a little grumpy this morning, that you ran into traffic going to the latest conference or that you took your cat to the vet this weekend.

I’m almost at the point where I want to kill Facebook and MySpace (useless wastes of time that they are), but compared to Twitter those two sites are food and water to my very existence.

Hopefully Twitter will die the death of Betamax and HD-DVDs, but if not don’t expect to see me Twittering (Twitting?) about the clothes I folded today or the Madden game I played last night. That’s one trend I refuse to accept. On that issue, and maybe that issue alone, I will forever be a traditionalist. Old School Blogging 4 Life!

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