Downsize excuses

My “new” refrigerator is covered with magnets – large, colorful letters of the alphabet to advertisements of local churches and businesses. We also have magnets with quotes from one of my favorite TV shows – The Office.

You wouldn’t think I would be convicted and inspired by those, but I’m also the one who God taught a lesson to using a guy in a speedo, so I’m not your normal person.

Yesterday was a little frustrating for me in my new current role as stay-at-home dad. I’ve done it before but not recently and not this long with both of my boys. Everyone is still getting adjusted to our new surroundings so I think nerves (including my own) are on the edge. There was a lot of whining, pouting, crying and temper tantrums, not to mention all the boys did. 😉

Anyway after kind of being flustered for much of the day, I started on the supper my wife had left for me to cook. She said it was an easy recipe she got online from the Food Network – I should have ran for cover then.

I didn’t think much of it until I started to read the recipe – minced rosemary leaves, searing the sides of the roast in a dutch oven, thin slices filled with the paste you made with the side of your knife. I was obviously out of my league.

In my rush to try to do it, I didn’t find the right pot, didn’t measure things exactly right, didn’t buy the right amount of one thing. I knew it was going to a long afternoon when I put the meat in the pan and the oil decided to give me a nice splash shaped raised tattoo down my finger. That came before the six or seven times the smoke alarm went off.

All my frustration (and the searing pain of my literally fried finger) boiled over when my wife came home and asked if she should have picked up pizza. I over-reacted and began blaming her for all the mess that had happened. I made excuses for all of my mistakes and pushed the responsibility on to her. It was not a pretty sight.

Later that night I looked at the fridge covered in those Office quotes and noticed that my oldest son had been rearranging the phrases together. One of his combinations stuck out to me and convicted me – “Downsize Excuses.”

I had to apologize to my wife for what I had done and unfortunately do too often. It is so easy for me to see my failures as the fault of someone else or to at least make excuses as to why I couldn’t do what I was asked.

I should take the advice of the fridge and just “downsize excuses.” It would make things so much better and maybe even take some of the sting out of my extra crispy finger.

Lesson from Supper #2 coming up later.

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