Putting the game away

Have you ever seen a game where one team is winning, but you’ve just got that feeling that they haven’t “finished off” the other team? Perhaps the trailing team is a veteran team and the broadcasters keep saying, “They need to put them away and not let them hang around. This team knows how to come from behind and win.”

More often than not, the crafty veteran team chips away at the lead and is able to grab a win after they were seemingly out of the game. It happened because the team leading was unable or not experienced enough to close the game out and clinch the win.

In our Christian life, we are facing a very crafty, cagey, experienced opponent. He knows how to win battles (though thankfully he has lost the war). Too often we toy with him and with sin instead of finishing the game and winning the struggle.

Paul tells us in Ephesians to not give Satan “a foothold.” We can’t let him stay close to us. If we do, he will take us down.

There is no maybe to it, for one simple reason. The only reason why we keep him close is because we want what he’s pushing. If we didn’t want it, we would run away as far as possible. We would end the game right there. But we give him that foothold, let him hang around, until he has won a victory in our life. Defeated, we wonder what we could have done differently.

Easy, put the game away. Finish Satan off. Don’t give him a foothold. When temptations comes, go the opposite way. Don’t wait around and debate about it. If you really feel like talking to him, do what Jesus did and quote Scripture to him.

But for me, I don’t feel like spending too much time around a lion who wants to steal, kill and destroy, so I’m just going to take the victory that Christ has already given me and walk or better yet run away.

I may be young and inexperienced, but I’m not stupid … at least not all the time.

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