People I haven’t prayed for

I started thinking recently about all the people I haven’t prayed for. I know that sounds strange, but let me explain what I mean.

I’m not talking about people I’ve never met or heard about and would have no idea about how to pray for them. I’m referring to the countless number of people who told me to pray for them and I didn’t. Or worse those who I specifically told, “I’m going to pray for you,” then I made myself a liar.

I really don’t know the point of this post, except as maybe a confession of sorts. If you’ve asked me to pray for you or I told you I would pray for you, I hope you were among the lucky few for which that was actually the case. If you were part of the vast majority, I apologize for my thoughtlessness and am grateful that our God is able to help you even when I don’t ask Him.

Pray and I have a strange relationship. Basically I suck at it. Reading my Bible? I can do that. I see the direct result of it. Prayer? That’s a bit more confusing, at least for me.

Sure I’ve seen prayers answered. One of the first spiritual remembrances I have is of an answered prayer. But I see prayers answer inconsistently or at least inconsistently in the affirmative. I don’t necessarily mind that. The great theologian Garth Brooks was right when he thanked God for unanswered prayers. We don’t want God agreeing to do everything that His followers ask of Him.

But it is that inconsistency, that unknown, that keeps me from working as hard at prayer as reading the Bible. What I struggle with, spiritually speaking, is that I want to know the unknown. Prayer is a truly unknowable quantity, so I don’t delve into it as much as I should.

I want to do better with prayer. If you’re better than me, You can do one of two things. Let me know how I can pray better or you can pray for me – just don’t forget like I do.

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