I’m watching Prince Caspian – right now

Through an amazing trick of time, like Lucy going through the wardrobe, as you read this (if you are reading this right when after it is posted and I know you are) I am sitting in a theatre with my beautiful wife watching Prince Caspian.

No, I’m not live-blogging it. Do you honestly think I would take a laptop into a theatre so I could blog about the movie as it was happening? I’m not that sad.

Blogger has just added a new feature that lets you set a future date and time for things to be posted, so I wrote this yesterday to post today.

I will tell you what I am thinking right now or what I will be thinking tomorrow when this posts. It’s like some crazy Twilight Zone episode, but anyway here are my thoughts:

I hope this movie does really well, so they’ll make all 7 books into movies. Well except maybe Silver Chair that was kinda freaky, but I might make a cool movie, so yeah sure I hope they make them all.

Man, I really have to pee, but I’m not missing Reepicheep introduction.

My wife looks hot, but I refuse to fall into the temptation of making out with her right now because kids may be grossed out and I don’t want to miss something.

Why did they change that from the book? C.S. Lewis wrote it so much better.

I can see why they changed that, it works better on film that way.

Man, I really have to pee, but I’m not missing the big fight scene between Peter and Miraz.

I’m not going to cry when Aslan talks to Lucy. I’m not going to cry when Aslan talks to Lucy.

I hope Pam didn’t see me cry when Aslan talked to Lucy.

Man, I really have to pee, but I’m not going to miss the big, crazy river god tear up that bridge.

That was a great movie. I can’t wait for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It should make an even better movie. I think it was my favorite Narnian novel.

Man, I really have to pee. I hope there is no one between me and the potty.

And that is your venture through the magic wardrobe into what I am thinking as I watch Prince Caspian.

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