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Actually, it’s more of a phrase of the day, but you get the picture. Get used to this because I’m using it. Courtesy of my good friend Rhett– “Church Crush.” As a service to Rhett and the countless people who will pick up on this phrase, I will provide my public service by generating the dictionary entry for “church crush.”

Church crush \chûrch krŭsh\, noun
1. Another place of worship besides your own on which you are overly fixated
2. A body of believers besides you own which you follow on a regular basis
3. A church you try to emulate in your own ministry
4. Slang terms similar to “man crush” but the object of devotion or respect is a church other than your own

Ex. NewSpring and Elevation are my church crushes. I love the way they do things there.

Anybody secure enough in their own congregational identity to share their church crush?


  1. writing definitions? don’t tell me you’re not going to ace seminary. maybe you could ask your professor the first day of class what his church crush is. ten bucks it’s not elevation.

  2. By that time, I’m sure your phrase will have swept the blogosphere and evangelical circles, so they will know what it means. Not to mention, they may surprise you and say something like Elevation or the like. Seminaries are liberal you know. 😉

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