What’s in a name?

A name can tell you a lot about a business or maybe even a person. Yesterday, I was behind a semi which had a company name, which contained the word “service,” with the slogan “Service – It’s even in our name.” That caused me to ask the question, “While it may be in your name is it in your actions?”

A company named Service Trucking, could have great service or the name could be misleading. They might be the worst as far as costumer relations. The name really doesn’t tell me anything except the perception they want to give off.

The same is true for churches. Your churches name may be Friendship Baptist Church, but you could still be the most unfriendly group of angry people. The name is nothing more than a sign on the outside of the building.

As a believer, we carry the name “Christian” which means “little Christ.” That can mean next to nothing. We could have the name, apply to ourselves, but never live in any way like Christ.

I hope the trucking company actually was service oriented. I hope Friendship Baptist is the friendliest church in town. But I pray even more that those of as Christians will reflect the nature and character of the One whose name we bear.

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