So what if it’s "good for you"

Right now I’m eating jellyfish tentacles.

Well, not really but that’s what they look like it.

My wife has got on a health kick this week. I had already lost my normal noodles when we eat Asian food, now I don’t even get wheat noodles – I get noodles with a crazy iridescent glow.

I think they’re bean spout noodles, at least that’s what she told me. But I’m waiting on one to wrap around my arm and start stinging me.

What’s worse is that she told me she bought tofu and that it will be snuck in some meal where I’m expecting hamburger.

Now look, tofu might be the most delicious thing on the planet. I highly doubt it, but maybe it is. But that big blob looks like it would taste like mushy cardboard with less flavor.

The reputation of tofu proceeds itself with me and I’m not looking forward to having my meat taken away in favor of “bean curd made from coagulating soy milk.” What about that sounds appetizing?

It almost makes me want to stay at work the night my wife decides to experiment with tofu.

Now look at this big, fact, juicy bacon cheeseburger. That looks good! Is it good for me? Not in any way imaginable, but it might be worth the health risk for me because that is one tasty looking sandwich.

Despite the possibility that I will have a heart attack halfway through that mammoth hamburger, it looks appealing and it makes me want one.

As Christians most of the time we are pushing a Tofu Jesus. “Try Jesus, He’s good for you.” “Come to Jesus and when you do you get a free set of rules and regulations.” Jesus may be the greatest thing in the world (He is!), but our presentation of him makes people think that you get all these spiritual benefits, but life is boring and bland with Him.

We live life as if it is so dreadful, no fun, no sense of humor. That’s what most people see when they see our Jesus because that’s how we live. They think the Lord’s Supper must be tofu chips and V8.

Instead we should be showing people that Jesus is like eating that great tasting bacon cheeseburger, but getting all the healthiness of the tofu. He’s not just good for you, but He gives you abundant life. He brings benefits and enjoyment. Like great tasting tofu (if that were possible) – only better.

My jellyfish, bean sprout noodles actually tasted okay once I got past the appearance. I’m not sure about the tofu. I’ll let you know. But let’s not make Jesus that way. Don’t make people fight through their gag reflexes to try Jesus. Stop telling people about Tofu Jesus and show them the real One.

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  1. i heard a rumor that its going to be tofu-hotdog-spaghetti sauce. hmmm, tasty.

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