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Unfortunately in life, one person usually gets the credit and the recognition (and the blame) for things that took many people making sacrifices to accomplish. In the ministry God has given me, because I’m the one out front speaking, leading devotions and all that, most of the attention. The truth is that the event never would have happened if my wife and others hadn’t planned most of it and calmed me down the day of the event.

The gifts, abilities, talents and passions that God has given me in serving Him often put me out in front. I love to teach people God’s Truth. I love talking about Scripture and how we can apply it to our lives. I’m passionate about imparting knowledge to fellow believers. It comes naturally to me. I retain and explain knowledge easily. My spiritual gifts are teaching and word of knowledge. I’m just equipped to do those things.

But I’m not a people person. My weaknesses lie in building relationships with people and ministering one-on-one. Those that do that are ministry heroes to me. They often get little to no thanks, but without them people like me would be lost. Ministry would not happen without them.

Last night, I listened to my friend Phillip rattle name after name off. He knows everyone by name and knows everything they are going through spiritually. Old people, young people, our town, neighboring towns, black, white, hispanic, it didn’t matter. He knows everyone and is concerned about them spiritually.

I have no idea how he does it. I just know that if God is going to give me a successful ministry in my life, he is going to have to provide me with Phillip or someone like him. He is able to do like Jesus and get into the nitty-gritty of people’s lives. He invites new believers into his home to disciple them. He greets members and visitors at church by name. He does personal ministry.

To those of you who do personal ministry, I somewhat envy you and your gifts, but above all I want to honor you and your Savior who has given you these gifts. To those of us who do more corporate ministry, make sure you thank those people that make everything happen. They are as valuable, if not more valuable to your ministry than you are. Thank them. Praise them. Love them.

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