I hate Satan

I think I liked it better when I was getting attacked. This weekend, while a huge encouragement to me personally, brought me face-to-face with Satan’s attacks in the life of others.

Two friends in the ministry are being blasted for no reason – except someone else’s petty personal zeal for power. They are being hammered in their ministry and all they have done is increased God’s Kingdom. I hate church politics and I hate the author of that crap.

A family member is making some horrible choices in her life because of an unhealthy relationship. I would have never thought that she would be doing the things she is doing now. I lost a lot of sleep last night thinking and praying about her, but I can’t imagine what her parents are going through. I hate the entanglements of sin and I hate the one who plants those traps.

I hate Satan and all that he is about. Despite all the junk that he has thrown on me and my family and now on other family and friends, I’m thankful for one thing – he is a defeated foe. He has already lost the war, even though he seems to win skirmishes here and there. He that is in me is greater than he that is in the world.

So Satan, I just wanted to remind you that while you are reeking havoc in as many lives as you can, many of which mean a lot to me, you are also inching closer to your end. You are grasping at straws trying to drag people down as far with you as possible. Despite your presence as a lion, we will not back down. We will not surrender because we know you are finished. Christ has given us victory over you, over sin and over death. You’d better enjoy it while you can because we are coming after you, but more importantly HE is coming after you and HE won’t lose!


  1. You are the devil and you are bad! 🙂

  2. I love that song – going old school with The W’s.

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