It’s odd how God confirms what He calls you to do. He has been confirming His calling us to seminary by making almost everything go completely wrong, but giving us a peace about the whole thing.

While the circumstances are screaming “NO!”, God is whispering “yes.” It feels great to hear the whisper above the screaming. It feels even better to obey the whisper.

My wife and I have been driving around the area where we are going to live. We even went in to look at the specific apartment we will be moving to in June. I love the area. Don’t get me wrong, I am going to miss a lot about the place I have basically lived my entire life and the church of which I have always been a part. But driving around here, it just feels right.

After looking for some jobs online, I decided to check out some of my favorite blogs. Perry Noble (who rocked my world in chapel Wednesday) gave me further confirmation that we are following God in this. He wrote about how to know if your vision is from God. Three of them resonated completely with me:

  • If you feel confident that you can accomplish what is in front of you with no problem at all…then you didn’t hear from God.
  • If you have the money in the bank to do what God has asked you church to do…then you didn’t hear from God.
  • If every step is perfectly designed and nothing happens to totally throw you off along the way…then you didn’t hear from God./li>

I have to continually remember that His ways are not my ways.

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