100-word review for Adam

Because I tend to be wordy, shocking I know, I wanted to limit my book review word count. Here is my (exactly) 100-word review for Ted Dekker‘s latest novel Adam.

Ted Dekker’s Adam follows FBI psychologist Daniel Clark, whose focus on a serial killer known as Eve costs him his marriage. His obsession with the case is ramped to new heights when it costs him his own life.

As with all Dekker thrillers, Adam seamlessly weaves the supernatural with the everyday in eerie fashion. Just when you have the story figured out, Dekker jacks up the paranormal elements and throws in his patented plot twist.

It’s Frank Peretti’s This Present Darkness cranked to 11 for a new generation, reminding us all that evil is real and the battle is raging.

Download the first six chapters of the book for free.

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