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Anybody else love to watch all the extras on DVDs? I can’t wait to watch the movie, so I can go back and see the deleted scenes, find out about the making of the film, listen to the commentary track from the filmmakers and actors. I love going “behind the scenes.” I’m interested, not just in the art itself, but in how the art is produced. I can appreciate both the artistic beauty of a piece and the technical know-how that supports it.

My Christian walk has been like that. While I have accepted the faith of my family, it has not been without me going “behind the scenes” and finding the answers to the questions that I had (or at least being content with what I could know). I don’t just want to know that I believe something – I want to know why. I see the intrinsic beauty of my faith and can revel in the unknown mysteries of God, while still desiring to know those same unknowns (or at least as much as I can). I’m thankful our God is both factual and beautiful and has allowed me to pursue Him in both of these ways.

My life has been a balance of those things: art and science, beauty and facts, belief and reason. My journey was pushed in that direction by one who felt those same tugs in opposite directions: C.S. Lewis, the man who wrote both The Chronicles of Narnia and Mere Christianity. Outside the Bible, those books have probably shaped my Christian walk more than any others.

I have an insatiable appetite for learning, reading and writing. While I never even dare to approach the artistic majesty that Lewis captured in Narnia or the insightful relevance that he portrayed in Mere Christianity, I do hope to follow in that pathway as I follow Christ. I’m looking forward to the next step that God has revealed to me.

I’ve hinted at this several times here and most people that I interact with on a regular basis already know this, but I know what I am about to say may be news to some friends I don’t get to see that often and will be news to those of you I have only met online: my whole family and I are headed to Wake Forest, NC and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary next year, where I will begin work on my Masters of Divinity in Christian Apologetics. I have already been accepted and plan to start in ernest next fall.

My point in posting this is purely selfish in this way: I wish to have as many people as possible praying for me and my family as we are moving forward in our following God’s will for us. Huge changes and transitions will be taking place not just for me, but for my entire family. Numerous things are going to have to “fall in place” from selling our house to finding jobs to moving (and reducing) all our stuff to getting the boys adjusted to life without Nana and Papa.

My point is also unselfish in this way: every choice has a ripple effect. Our family choosing to follow God’s direction in this manner will impact others in ways I can’t imagine – not because of how great we are, but because of how great God is. My quest to portray the factual beauty of Christianity and the beautiful facts of Christ will hopefully benefit you and your walk in some way (if nothing else, this blog should be better informed).

So there’s my next step in my walk with Christ (don’t ask me about the next step, God hasn’t quite gotten around to telling me yet). I do hope you will pray for me and my family as we are seeking to be faithful to Christ’s calling. This is a HUGE deal for us – that’s a fact and a beautiful thing.

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