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I set up a MySpace page that I rarely use. I just wanted it to stay connected with my youth during the week (giving me another venue to contact them) and semi-connected to people I went to school with.

Parents, if you have a student who is on MySpace (and no I’m not linking them, like they need more traffic) you’d better be checking in on what they are doing. They are getting bombarded with links to pornographic material on a more than daily basis. Just in the past 24 hours I have marked as spam and deleted almost 10 “friend request” from fake people whose profiles all contain links to personally destructive material.

MySpace is not “evil.” It is a tool that can be used for both good and bad. I’m not advocating pulling everyone off of MySpace, but I am encouraging smart usage and understanding of the dangers involved with MySpace and any other social networking site online.

MySpace is indicative of the culture around us. It is in the gutter, but it is filled with hurting people who need Christ. We shouldn’t pass on the other side of the road because we might get dirty. We should be engaged in ministering to individuals trapped in a dirty culture.

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