Rudy might be the Social Con’s candidate

If only he would give Southern Baptist Convention President, Dr. Frank Page a phone call “any time, day or night.”

Page recently told a group of pastors in Oklahoma that he shared his faith with Giuliani during their two-hour conversation earlier this year. The Taylors First Baptist pastor recounted:

When I spent two solid hours in a private meeting with Rudy Giuliani, I shared Christ with him so much that at the end of that two hours I said, ‘Rudy, I’m not going to leave this place unless I give you an opportunity to pray with me to receive Jesus as your savior. Would you do that with me Rudy?’

He said, ‘No, Frank, I’m not ready to do that. My daddy knows Jesus like that, but I’m not ready for that.’

After Page told Giuliani to call him “any time, day or night,” he concluded:

You just call me, and we’ll talk about Jesus, Rudy. You’re a great leader, Rudy, and you may be the president of our country some day. But you’ll never be the leader you need to be unless you have Jesus as the heart of who you are.

You have to give Page credit for being gutsy enough to level with the top political figures in our country. He said he has met with almost all the candidates and has been in talks about meeting others and says his “singular purpose” in those meetings would be to “tell them about Jesus.”

He asked John McCain: “Who owns your soul, John McCain?” He has said he would meet with Obama and Hillary as well.

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