Playing "Simon Says" with Jesus

I spent a good portion of yesterday reading some of the brightest minds in Christianity and church planting. Not necessarily because I want to be a church planter, but because I think they are on the front lines and are often several steps ahead of most others in Christendom.

One, I wish I remembered which one, talked about Jesus saying, “Follow me” and how that was the central focus of His ministry. That got me to thinking, since I had to come up with a devotion for the youth boys last night, about how we view Christianity. I told them that it (being a Christian) was one of the “easiest, hardest things” you can ever do.

By that I mean, a child can understand the Gospel enough to accept Jesus’ offer of grace, however adults can spend their whole lives studying Scripture, obtaining degrees and never fully grasp the depth of what salvation truly means.

I also meant that being a Christian is extremely difficult. You must go against the grain of the prevailing culture. You have to be different, salt and light. It is hard work to accomplish the balance of truth and love that Jesus personified. However, Jesus simple command that he gave on close to a dozen different occasions of “follow me” is so basic and so all-incompasing. If we follow Jesus that takes care of all the issues we face.

I had the teenage boys play a game of “Simon Says” to illustrate what it means to follow Jesus. We just do what He did. See what He wants to do in the world and then do it. It’s that easy.

I told them to start their day with a prayer, “God, I want to play Simon Says with you today.” If I can manage that then the rest will sort itself out.

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