A church that’s doing it right

When I look out at churches, I see so many of them doing things wrong. I see myself and my own church doing things wrong. I tend to comment on those and point out the mistakes. But one thing that we need to see more of is examples of churches that are doing it right. One church is Elevation in Charlotte, NC.

I went to college with the pastor Steven Furtick. It is amazing to see what God has done in his life and through his ministry as pastor of Elevation. The church is barely over one year old and has already expanded to multiple services on multiple locations while seeing hundreds come to know Christ.

He has started a new blog and a new opportunity for pastors and church leaders to peek behind the curtain and see how things run at Elevation. The church staff is posting on Access Elevation about the high’s and low’s of church ministry. They are giving their ideas of how things worked and how they didn’t.

If you ever wanted the chance to get the backstage info on a church that is seeing God glorified and people come to know Christ, this is your chance.

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