The fine art of hypocrisy

Is it possible that the MSM has lost all sense of irony? See how this grabs you – in a story about the NAACP criticizing Bush’s plan for Social Security reform we get this to start:

Black leaders on Monday accused President Bush of “playing the race card” in his pitch to sell his proposed Social Security overhaul.

NAACP leaders Julian Bond and Dennis Courtland Hayes said Bush should focus on addressing the underlying health care reasons why blacks have a shorter life expectancy instead of citing it as a reason they should support his idea of private accounts.

To answer the question everyone has always wanted to know – yes, it is possible to both accuse someone of “playing the race card” while, in fact, playing the race card yourself.

All we get in defense is some generic spokesman quote backing the Bush plan. What they need is a quote from a strong economist defending the plan or even a black conservative group rebutting the NAACP’s liberal spew.

Not only do we get someone involved in blatent hypocrisy, we have the acting president of the NAACP seemingly questioning the good of the post-Civil War constitutional amendments.

“Unfortunately for African-Americans, our experiences here in America are color-coded,” [acting NAACP president/CEO Dennis Courtland] Hayes said. “We have to be concerned about mutations, of changes that occur that we sometimes didn’t foresee when we thought we were doing something good.”

As examples, he said constitutional amendments on behalf of blacks after the Civil War led to Jim Crow laws curbing black voting rights, and court decisions outlawing segregated schools triggered white flight from cities and racial profiling in suburbs.

Because everyone knows allowing black citizens to vote was just a way to get Jim Crow laws passed. They just thought they were doing something good by saying black people were equal under the law and fully human and citizens, actually it wasn’t that great because years later ignorant racist white people didn’t want to associate with people of different races.

Come to think of it, we really have never done anything good at all. Giving women the right to vote – years later it forced the media to repeat “soccer mom” at least 3,000 per media outlet per election. Standing up to the Communist – made it really hard on map and text book companies with all those new countries popping up.

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