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La Shawn Barber has posted my feelings almost exactly about the whole Eric Rudolph thing.

While I may agree with him that abortion is murder, that does not give either one of us the right to…murder.

I want all of my readers (Christians and non-Christians) to know and understand that I am sickened by what Rudolph did. It must also be made evident that what he did was not in accordance with Biblical Christianity.

Many people may dimiss this as a “True Scotsman” arguement, but by observing his actions and lack of remorse I cannot possible think that Eric Rudolph serves the same God I do. As LaShawn basically says, he is worshipping a god of his own imagination.

He deserves to be on death row (even though he won’t be there because of a plea bargin) and he deserves to be condemned from all sides. He is a terrorist just like those who hijack planes.

Those on the right and Christians often call for those on the left and moderate Muslims to condemn the crazies who claim to be a part of the left or Islam. This is a point where we can lead by example. The actions by Eric Rudolph have no home in the Republican party, on the right or in Christianity.

I pray for his salvation and that God makes him aware of the wrong he has done, not only to himself and those he hurt and killed, but also to the Kingdom of God.

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