Carolina Political Round-up

I have spent my whole life in South Carolina and I live on the border with North Carolina. Politics in the South are unusual and surprising to many who have never lived here. Occasionally, I am going to toss some links to political stories from the Carolinas that are of interest to others in the nation and world. So here goes the Carolina Political Round-up:

Purely for show
A bill has been introduced in North Carolina’s House that would require companies to report any and all profits from slavery if they intend to apply for a government contract. What is this supposed to do? Basically every company that existed in the South during the pre-Civil War era benefited and somehow profited from slavery, whether they had slaves or not.

I think 99.9% of the population understands that slavery was a terrible thing, but what good does it do anybody for companies to do this. It is not going to help any of the actual slaves or even the ancestors of slaves. This has to be one of the biggest for show pieces of legislation I have ever seen.

Yeah, that makes sense
Another bill in the NC House (surprisingly not a bastion of conservatism, but rather an oasis of liberalism in the conservative South) is proposing to give illegal aliens – I’m sorry, undocumented immigrants – in-state tuition in all state colleges.

Please explain to me how someone from Central or South America could possible be an “in-state” student. I live a few miles from the border of NC, but I didn’t have a chance to get in-state tuition to any of the public schools in NC. Yet, someone who’s home is thousands of miles away is an in-state student.

I have no problem with immigrants, all our families were immigrants at one point or another, but there is a right and a wrong way to come to this country. There is a legal way and an illegal way to come here. When I heard someone talking about this bill, they were saying how this would go to “good hard-working law abiding people.” They may be good and they may be hard-working, but by definition they are not law abiding if they come to this country illegally. Why is that hard to understand?

Is this a move up or down?
Finally, reports and rumors are swirling that SC Speaker of the House David Wilkins will be named the next ambassador to Canada. I’ve always that if anyone in government has a nice gig it is ambassadors. In most cases, all they do is travel and go to fancy dinners. But I’m thinking that Canada is probably not the nation to which I want to be an ambassador. If for no other reason than I have no desire to be frozen, eh.

Not to mention the fact that we are not exactly at the high point in US-Canadian relations right now, what with us being important and them being….not. (Just kidding Canada, you are important in your own special way. You keep us a lot warmer by being a buffer between us and the north pole. So thank you for that!)

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