When opinions and news meet

The right and left always go back and forth on the media – is it liberal or conservative?

Looking at the headline for this Washington Post story should shed some light on the debate.

I may be just a little too right-wing to find any nuance about the headline “Poorest Face Most Risk on Social Security.” The article goes on to talk about how poor people only have Social Security to fall back on and how if the President’s plan goes through they could lose everything in a stock market crash. It references risk after risk and how poor people don’t have the money to lose if everything tanks.

Let’s just ignore the fact that if money is invested in the stock market over any extended period of time it always makes more money. Let’s ignore the fact that you could put the money in bonds or something even more secure than the markets. Let’s also ignore the fact that if we keep everything the same (let the money stay in Washington) Social Security will start to go bankrupt in less than 20 years.

Ignoring all that, let’s look at the next to last sentence of the huge article.

Moreover, he [senior White House official] said, “no one is exposed to risk that does not want any risk” because the program is voluntary.

What?!?!?! We just went through this huge article about how much the poor are at risk and then we find out in the next to the last sentence that the whole thing is voluntary so no one has to take any risks at all.

Nope, no liberal media.

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