Bloggers love 24

Apparently I am not the only blogger out there who loves 24. Dave from Garfield Ridge complains a little, but still loves the show. Wuzzadem has a hilarious 24 spoof episode. And TKS used to blog about it every week (he has been getting slack lately).

Any sin 24 may be committing by the silly “Muslims are our friends” PSA (not that Muslims can’t be good Americans, they can, but a PSA means and proves nothing) and the eventually evildoer in the plot always being some Anglo-saxon in a suit (again not that they can’t be, but they need to change it up a little), they made up for with the “spare me your sixth-grade Michael Moore logic” line from the Secretary of Defense to his pacifist son. That goes a long way to smoothing over any transgressions.

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