Ah, weather in the South

I was meaning to post about this today, but HE beat me to it. Since HE is writing about Tennessee, I don’t think I will be overcrowding the blogosphere by adding my thoughts on the weather here in Upstate SC.

We have had two weeks of 60’s or higher weather (many days into the 70’s). This is very unusual for January, but no unheard of here. I know readers from California or Florida will say they have 70’s in January all the time, but they don’t have the joy of going from 70’s one day to a low in the teens the next. We will be going through that here in the next couple of days. Our run of warm weather will end shortly and winter will return.

It is fun to be able to walk in shorts and a t-shirt one day and then have the chance of snow the next. Which reminds me of last March (I think). We had over 10 inches of snow on Wednesday (which is fairly large for my area) and by Friday it was in the mid-60’s and all the snow was gone.

It has to be one of the few regions in the world that gets hit by hurricanes, tornadoes, significant snowfall, huge thunderstorms, 70’s in the winter, 40’s in the summer and a year long temperature range of 10 to 100.

You want unpredictable weather, we’ve got it.

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