Uwarrented Hit Piece

Josh, over at The Conjecturer, links to a “review” of John Stott, a well-respected retiring minister of the Church of England. It reads more like a hit piece. Which comes as no surprise when you find out who wrote it: “Bishop” John Shelby Spong, who has to be one of the most anti-christian “christians” alive today.

The article reads like a jealous child taking some final pot shots at a teacher on the last day of school. Not only that, but it is filled with assumptions and generalizations that convientently fit Spong’s view of Christianity.

John Stott is a beloved pastor and preacher, who has the respect of virtually everyone (with the obvious exception of Spong). It is sad that Spong could not let Stott leave the ministry, without trying to spoil his retirement. When Spong retires, I will not waste my time writing about him.

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  1. Spong is a retired bishop of the Episcopal Church. No need for the quotation marks.

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