Rain, nor sleet, nor networks crashing…

I wish my email had that promise. Just like the regular mail fails so often to deliver on their promises, my email struggles so bad. I am not a computer geek, so I don’t know much of how all this works. But it is crazy how some people in my office have access to internet and some don’t, some have access to our network files and some don’t, some have access to email and some don’t. At least I have internet, but this no email thing is killing me right now. One day in some distant glorious utopian paradise (maybe in the new heaven and new earth) the internet and email will never go down and it will never bog down or be slow. As John said so many years ago, “Amen, come quickly Lord Jesus!” And if He doesn’t want to come and fix the email, I am sure He will at least make it obsolete and unnecessary.

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