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First we had to listen to them scream at us about how to vote, then we had to hear them scream at us for being morons for the way we voted, now we have to listen to them cry about why they aren’t that bad. Steven Levitan, creator of the NBC series Just Shoot Me, does just that in a new USA Today column.

Is it just me or are they that stupid? Most of fly-over country, Middle America, Red States, Jesusland, or whatever you are calling us today, don’t hate you Steven. We just don’t care what you have to say. Why is that so hard to understand? We know the majority of the actors in Hollywood are liberal, but we really wouldn’t care if you would just shut your mouth and smile for the camera. But that is too hard isn’t it? You can’t just let us enjoy our movie, tv show, music, etc. without throwing some kind of liberal agenda in the movie or at least have the stars out touring for the latest liberal cause or candidate du jour.

So many movies are ruined for me after I hear the actors and actresses speak outside of their movie roles. I have refused to see several movies because I know the star is a liberal wacko.

This doesn’t mean that I think they don’t have the right to speak. As Americans, we all have a right to speak our minds about issues, but you do not have the right to make me listen by basically spamming the airways with your useless drival so that I can not escape it unless I leave in a cave with no connection to the outside world.

Take my blog for instance. I don’t know if anyone has read anything I have written in the last week. I have the right to say basically whatever I want, but I can not force people to listen to me. Hollywood could learn a lot from blogs. How to exercise their freedom of speech, how to accept it when nobody listens or cares and most importantly how to vote!

So now, you listen to me Hollywood elites. You will start voting conservative or I am going on strike. I will not write another thing on this blog until you vote conservative.

Now you see how much impact that had on your votiing. Just understand that you have basically as much power of my vote. We don’t care about your favorite cause. We don’t care why you are liberal. We don’t care how you vote. We don’t care if you don’t ever make another movie again (or move to Canada) if a conservative wins an election. Just know that we don’t care and a lot of your problems will probably be solved.

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  1. Slightly OT, but I came across the following which gives a new slant on your former defense of the “Philadelphia 11.” Remember them? Here’s some news on them and what they did:

    Money quote:

    The confrontation began when the 11 protestors marched to the front of a stage at Outfest and began to yell out Biblical passages to drown out the events on stage.

    Police attempted to get the protestors to move to to an area on the edge of the site. Instead they went deeper into the gay crowd. Using a bullhorn they condemned homosexuality. They then got into an argument with a group of Pink Angels, who screamed back.

    It was at that point police intervened arresting the 11.

    As far as I’m concerned, they were being hateful, disruptive and invited arrest. I hope they get prison.

  2. Slightly OT? And if you go back and read what I wrote, I didn’t defend them. I said it was a poor choice of action and it probably hurts Christ’s Kingdom. If they did what the article says they did (which it comes from a biased source), then they should have been arrested. I would not defend someone doing that. They definitely were doing something wrong and illegal, if it all went down how you said it did.

    But back to the point we were discussing in the earlier post: I will tell you they were doing something wrong. I won’t defend them when they step across the line, but you won’t even allow that they have a right to protest. If anyone disagrees with your way of thinking you don’t think free speech applies to them. If you come back later today, I am going to have a post where I defend a gay person in Washington D.C. (if I can find the article). The city took his land to build a stadium. (If you know of that story you can email me or post the link here.) I would like to see one instance where you support the rights of someone to do something that you disagree with (especially when it comes to Christians and the gay community). I have yet to see you allow Christians protesters (who I disagree with) any rights.

  3. Well, I suppose it’s like the example of the Nazis marching on Skokie, Il. in a predominately Jewish area. They have the “right” to march, but should they have that right? The ACLU thought so, as did the courts, and they marched. However, I see these situations as an abuse of free speech and surely akin to the famous “crying fire in a packed theater” example. I guess christians have the “right” to “protest” at gay events: I’ve seen them there, holding there hateful signs and chanting their hateful slogans. It’s not just a matter of disagreeing with them, but of feeling assaulted by them, of being threatened by them. For centuries, gays have been persecuted by Christianity, and these protesters are merely continuing that practice. There is already so much anger and hurt in the gay community because of christianity, I just cannot understand why they would want to violate us further, or even support others’ right to do so. No wonder so many gay people see christianity as a threat and a hate-ideology and reject it out of hand. Even if christians don’t go as far as those idiots in Philadelphia did, they’re still destroying their own cause when they “protest” gay events.

    Maybe I should get some friends together and picket evangelical churches. Surely I have that right.

  4. You most certainly have that right (to protest at a church). It has been done before.

    Again, if you read my orginal post about the Philly 11, I said I disagreed with them. I do think they do more harm to Christianity than good. I only said that the government shouldn’t be able to tell them they can not exercise their free speech. That is two seperate issues. They have the right as Americans, but I believe as Christians they shouldn’t exercise that right.

  5. What they did wasn’t the exercise of free speech. It was anti-free speech in the deepest sense.

  6. We will, as usual, have to agree to disagree.

  7. I see. Marching to the front of the stage with bullhorns to shout down the acts, and then entering the crowd with their bullhorns and pickets is not an abuse of free speech? This is fanaticism.

  8. Anonymous

    Would you be fine if they just stood on the side of it all, where the police wanted them to, and yelled there, with just their voices?

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