On the way out of the door this morning, I said “I love you” to my wife and my two-year-old son. He looks up and says,” I love you daddy” and then goes back to watching his cartoons, but that moment was enough. When he says and does things like that, it makes all the screaming, all the diapers, all the sleepless nights, everything else fade away. They all become worth it to know that my son (and my wife) love me. How can you measure that? It always brings me back to my relationship with God, since He has set that up as a Father – son relationship. There is a line in a TobyMac song “Do You Know” (off of his Momentum CD) that has God telling him, “I gave to you a son, so you could understand the Father’s love for you.” Having a son, has completely helped me view of God and our relationship and given me a peek at what He feels like when I disobey Him, when I hurt Him, but also when I love Him.

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