Kid Sayings #2

I knew I could get a lot of play out of this topic. My wife and I have found out what our two-year old son wants for Christmas. He wants Santa Claus to bring him popsicles! He kept saying over and over again yesterday, “Santa Claus..and uh…popsicles!” He would not stop until we said, “Santa Claus is going to bring you popsicles?” And then he would get a big grin on his face, jump up and down and say, “Yes!”

Hey, if he wants popsicles, I am sure Santa can afford popsicles. Santa and I are both hoping that he continues to want popsicles until he is grown. That would be very cheap for Santa. Then maybe Santa could afford to buy the new extended edition Lord of the Rings: Return of the King DVD. Just kidding, Santa already has the toys ready (popsicles will come later) and he does not have the DVD. Oh, the sacrifices Santa makes.

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