My wife and I found out this afternoon that we are having our second boy. My son thought the baby on the screen was “baby Jesus.” I assured him that this was not the case (for a host of obvious reasons). The baby won’t be named “Jesus,” but he will have a biblical name starting with a “j.” His name will be Jeremiah Nathan, after the two Old Testament prophets. My life’s verse comes from Jeremiah (1:6-8) and we just liked the combination of the two names. I just pray that God will use Jeremiah Nathan as much as his namesakes. So please pray for me, my wife and now our two sons.

BTW – My wife, who wanted a girl, was not upset at all. (I had warned her ahead of time that since I controlled the sex of the baby, I wanted to make sure she stayed out numbered.) She gave two excellent benefits for having another boy – no new decorations and no new clothes. Not spending that money makes Daddy very happy!

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