Holiness – what is it?

Some of my friends, my wife and I have been discussing what it means to be holy. The definition does us little good. We are looking to make our lives holy.

A scripture definition for holy is “to be set apart for service to God.” But how do you do that or become that? Holiness is such an abstract thing that is very hard to grasp and make a reality in your own life. If you don’t move it from some abstract idea to a reality, it becomes just another ideal that is impossible to reach, so why try?

We talked about ways to take the abstract nature of holiness to a practical level. We named some things that can be characteristics of someone who is “set apart.” But then that goes toward the legalism realm and you make Christianity a list of do’s and don’ts. If there is one thing I want to avoid, it is the legalistic vein in which many Christians get caught. Christianity is simply put a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Why try to make it something more or harder?

But when one becomes a Christian, the desire to please God should become the driving force behind your life. That is where I have come to think holiness lies. It is seeking to please God with every decision, action and thought. It is more than the trite “WWJD?” It is the actions that flow from a heart that loves God and seeks only to honor and glorify Him. Every action you make can be the “right” one, but if the motivation is not from simple love for Christ, then the action is basically worthless. Both the action and the motives must be in line with God’s will for holiness to be present.

Am I there? By no means, I struggle with the simple things. But this is where I think “the rubber meets the road.” Will Christians move to either one of the holiness extremes: totally legalism or giving up on an impossible dream? Or is there anyone who wants to go through “the wardrobe,” as C.S. Lewis called it in the Naria series, to a place of complete surrender and complete freedom? The road is narrow and hard to find, but for Christians to reach the world, it must be found and followed.

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